Eryn Allen Kane – Now And Then

After having the pleasure to see and hear this amazing artist live, I now feel guilty for not knowing about Eryn Allen Kane before seeing her open for Gallant on his Ology tour. And if you haven’t heard of her you should feel guilty too.

Eryne made her musical debut earlier this year with her two part EP, Aviary: Act I&II. If you haven’t caught onto her bluesy, soul-filled tracks you may have heard her featured on Chance The Rapper’s latest album and collaborating with music legend Prince. Listening to her music is amazing but seeing her perform live is a real treat. Eryn is so full of soul and energy so don’t be surprised if you find yourself mesmerized and obsessed after her performance.

This track itself is a standout among her album. “Now And Then” is a track ‘for those who have ever been in love,’ as Eryn put it right before she dove into this jazzy number. A little more mellow compared to other tracks off of her EP but nonetheless still oozing with soul and energy. You’ll find yourself trying to decide whether or not the slower raspy parts of the track beat the powerful belting moments (they are equally amazing).