A Festival, A Parade – If Dogs Could Talk

Last week Newcastle rockers A Festival, A Parade announced new single “If Dogs Could Talk” which is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

The eerie intro is a fitting introduction for lead singer Joe Allen with his mysterious, deep, weathered voice that starts low and climbs as he shows off his range leading up to the chorus.  This song is a depiction of the stagnant yet unpredictable nature of suburban living.  The lyrics touch on the disturbing reality of unknown seers.  Watching and remaining silent but always observing.  What would your dog say to you if it could talk?  All the dark confessions, deep desires, terrifying thoughts are witnessed by these smaller, minuscule and seemingly unimportant organisms unable to comment.  It’s interesting to think about what is in the room with us while we think out loud.

Keep A Festival, A Parade on your alternative radar because this band is just getting started, building a back catalogue brimming with brooding, slow-building math rock.