Sloes – Young

If you haven’t come across Sloes yet, odds are you will very soon. The new single by the London five-piece, “Young,” is a profound piece of indie rock that makes a wonderful addition to their growing catalog that so far stands at their four-track Chasing Tails EP.

“Young” couldn’t be described as either slow or fast. It rolls along to its own tempo, something that could just as easily fit in with a coffee shop as it could with the stage. The live show is increasingly important, especially for any up-and-coming band, and it’s easy to hear how well “Young” will translate over to that setting.

The story of “Young” is all about the trial and tribulations of growing up. The band describe it as being about “rebellion at its purest; lying to your parents, missing phone calls, subterfuge and all for the party you can’t wait to go to.” Thematically it’s about what it means to be young and free. Sonically, though, it’s a lot more structured. “Young” sounds hopeful and empowering as opposed to the chaotic teen rebellion depicted in the lyrics.

The pulse of the rhythm section is strong, with chords and a subtle twang that make for perfect little accents. There are subtle, but meaningful harmonies between lead singer Jerome and vocalist-violinist Katie. These are production choices that seem minimal but round the song out and make it feel whole. This is a good balance to keep, and makes “Young” stand out among Overall, this is a high-quality piece that is worthy of being the new face of the band.

Sloes pride themselves on their influences – a group of five people with different tastes coming together to form something uniquely diverse. As with any group of this size, there is a lot to offer in terms of each different member bringing in something different. If “Young” is of any indication, they are able to successfully collaborate with one another to form their sound.