Sibling – Revolve

Sibling are one of the latest indie bands coming straight out of Venice Beach, California. Their most recent single, “Revolve,” was just released to give a sneak peek of their forthcoming EP.

Though their name would cause you to think otherwise, Bryan Osuszek, the one producing all the instrumentals, and vocalist Elodie Tomlinson aren’t actually related in any way. Tomlinson’s vocals are a magnificent mix of the sultriness that characterizes Lana Del Rey and the expressiveness of MS MR’s Lizzy Plapinger. Her voice, swelling effortlessly like lava lamp liquid, smooths over Osuszek’s pulsating, brooding instrumentals. “Revolve” fits perfectly into the increasing trend of cool, lyrical indie electronic music with a slight tinge of darkness.

The chorus sings: “Oh, the world don’t revolve around you. Oh, the truth ain’t so black and blue.” It’s almost as if the song is meant to be a reminder for a specific person to take a step back and re-evaluate. While this person may think they have all the answers, they have to realize the world doesn’t operate according to them, so their truth most likely differs from others’.