seeing hands

Seeing Hands – I Knew You


Newcastle newcomers, Seeing Hands, have made quite the splash in the music scene with their luscious new debut titled “I Knew You.” The outfit is comprised of Kev Curran (vocals, guitar), Nick Hodgson (lead guitar), Jon Varty (bass) and Liam Guillan (drums). Now that summer is coming to a close, “I Knew You” is the perfect sound for easing your way into the fall season. It’s not quite as energetic and “in-your-face” as an upbeat summer banger, but rather it’s a mellow and easy going track that soothes and allows listeners to be in a dream-like state.

Vocals in the track coo “I knew you,” while the melodies consist of a steady rhythm and gentle electric guitar bit. It’s certainly the type of song one can imagine listening to on a romantic getaway to the beach or someplace that the sun sets. The track will definitely have fans swaying along to Curran’s vocals.

Summer tracks are always filled with either energetic bangers or cooled down, dreamy sounds. Seeing as this is their debut, Seeing Hands are on the right track to the summer favorite— dream pop genre. The boys recorded the song in their hometown and are expected to release more tracks throughout the next twelve months—talk about a real treat!