Mayflower – I’m Not There

Manchester quartet Mayflower are ready to follow up their previously released single “Sienna” with new “I’m Not There.”  Recorded by Ian Stewart (Blueprint Studios, Salford) the atmospheric track seems to loop and twirl around the cusp of what can be considered dream pop.  Where “Sienna” definitely felt reminiscent of a foggy reverie “I’m Not There” is sharper and teeters on the threshold of that dreamy sound with heavier attributes.

The messy electric guitar cuts through the smooth euphoric sound adding depth as well as a necessary contrast to balance the lack of melodic diversity.  The song comes across as a cathartic confession of disenchanted longing; unable to procure the subject of his affections, lead singer Oliver Gaydon takes a less desirable roll as her confidant.  He expresses, “I’m dreamin’ when I come around that you’ll have another course, cause when you come back and see that you never belonged I’ll wait for your smile when you call and I’m not there.” Powerful, heavy lyrics right off the cuff of the sleeve where his heart is on display.

Mayflower has been dubbed a band to look out for by the BBC and it’s tough to disagree.  “I’m Not There” will be officially released on September 2nd and available for purchase on iTunes and Spotify.


19th – The Finsbury, London

27th – Night & Day Café, Manchester


16th – Social Bar, Doncaster