Flying Ibex – Away From My Mind

Once upon a time, Flying Ibex was the house band for a commune of artists in south London. At that time, it was the solely the efforts of Barnaby Keen. Now, they have been signed by Best Laid Plans records and have just released infectiously rhythmic single “Away From My Mind,” dividing the musical responsibilities among Barnaby Keen (vocals), Nathaniel Keen (guitar), Dave DeRose (drums), and Colin Somervell (bass) and bringing a taste of psychedelia to the dance-floor.

This track, “Away From My Mind,” is the first to be taken from Flying Ibex’s forthcoming EP and it is plain old fun. Irresistible, it bounces into your eardrums, spreads to your shaking hips and dancing feet, and boogies on down into your bones. A great tune for good times and wholly unashamed dancing.

The group has molded their sound by an array of influences. To mention a few, there’s African cassette tapes, tropical rhythms, and experimentation with analogue gear. This eclectic blend of inspirations is apparent in “Away From My Mind.” Simply put, it’s unique. Considering it is only one track of just over three minutes, it’s incredibly compelling. It feels as if the song can go on forever. And, truthfully, I wish it would. It would never grow old; it is impervious to banalities.

The lyrical content is surprisingly philosophical. The story goes: Flying Ibex attempt to flee their mind. Nothing seems to work. Then, the answer dawns on them: “It only happens when you stop thinking of yourself.” If this song is any indication, the best way to stop thinking of yourself is to dance freely. More specifically, dance freely to this song, where the instruments are interwoven like vines, vocal harmonies spiced here and there like garnishes.

Since this is merely the first track to be taken from the upcoming EP, we can surely expect more greatness from Flying Ibex. Lots more subtleties to be heard, executed with impeccable precision and charm.