Delphina Kings – Midnight

British trio Delphina Kings, who only formed earlier this year, make their mark with new single “Midnight.”

With a quiet, ambient intro, the song seems rather unassuming. Singer Chris echoes, “I wanna go to the city and try to forget,” pensive and steady. That is until the song breaks into the first chorus showing “Midnight” for what it truly is: a buoyant, explosive pop-rock track that uses its strengths carefully and to an advantage.

The stand out of “Midnight” is its purely addictive chorus. The line “midnight came and went a long time ago and I didn’t even notice” is going to be a phrase that stays in your head for days. It’s a perfectly crafted little melody that serves as the centerpiece to the song. That’s not the mention the efforts of Pete (drums) and Andy (bass), giving the song the foundation of success with an always evolving backdrop. They keep that chorus fresh and changing while still maintaining its magic.

“Midnight” is only the second single that we have heard from Delphina Kings but it shows that they are already putting their best foot forward in the indie world. Previous single “Holding Me Up” was an equally excellent display of harmonic talent.

If you liked “Midnight” then the good news is the trio are set to be back in the studio this fall with hopefully more to come very soon.