Courtship – Stop For Nothing

With only three weeks of knowing each other, Micah Gordon and Eli Hirsch formed a strong musical courtship. The combination of trained jazz pianist and over a decade playing in indie bands has created what is now known as Courtship. The boys are self-identified as “two dudes writing songs about sneaking out and jumping fences” – a fun-loving sentiment at the heart of their new song. The LA-based duo pulled inspiration by artists such as MGMT, Passion Pit, Strfkr and Michael Jackson for their stellar debut track, “Stop For Nothing”.

“Stop for Nothing” is a song that bleeds carefree and boundless energy. I like to think of it as a gentle reminder of good summer vibes and enjoying youth. It’s almost as if summer has just begun and Courtship’s debut track is the opening song to its story. The duo sing about nonstop adventuring, innocent recklessness and an unknown yet unlimited destination – the ultimate road trip with your best friend. The genesis piece of Courtship’s musical career very much depicts Tak Namihagi’s Youtube short films of him and his best friends sneaking out and jumping fences into music festivals.

Singing in hushed tones and belting out lines like “So what are you waiting for? Just get in and close the door ’cause all you could want and more, it’s out there”, the guys make “Stop for Nothing” an uplifting and motivational song for all young souls. Courtship’s track is open for interpretation. The song is very much about taking life by the reigns and going for something unknown yet extraordinary.