BANKS – Gemini Feed

Haunting vocals paired with equally quirky instrumentals is what encompasses BANKS’s latest track, “Gemini Feed,” off of her forthcoming second full-length album. The Altar, due out September 3oth, is looking very promising. The Altar will include 13 brand new tracks, each written and creatively controlled by her, that come together to tell a story of “complicated love, longing, betrayal, and self-doubt.”

The track is an ode to newfound strength as a result of emerging from a manipulative and abusive relationship. Lyrics like, “If you would’ve let me grow, you could’ve kept my love,” and “When I said I miss you, you never believed me,” start the narrative of a complicated love story that we will undoubtedly be explored more on the full-length. BANKS brings forth her signature moody tone into her latest release, yet is still able to show us diversity within her vocals and lyrics compared to her debut album Goddess.

“Gemini Feed” is a tease for what we needed next from BANKS, and what is due to follow will unquestionably be fantastic.