young the giant

Young The Giant – Home Of The Strange

California rockers Young The Giant finally drop their much-anticipated third studio album, Home of The Strange. Prior to the release we’ve had sneak previews, including “Amerika,” “Something To Believe In” and “Silvertongue,” all of which only fueled the buzz around their latest LP. First springing into our ears with their alt-rock anthem “Cough Syrup” in 2011, the band released their second studio album Mind Over Matter in 2014 and have been touring with Kings of Leon, Passion Pit and Walk The Moon, to name a few, in the past few years. Now, following the release of Home of The Strange, they will be embarking on another tour (all dates here). The band has stated that Home of The Strange is immigrant-themed, documenting their experiences in the US while also alluding to The Star Spangled Banner (“…and the home of the brave”).

I believe lead singer Sameer Gadhia has impeccable some impeccable pipes.  The amount of control, the wide vocal range, the vibrato as he holds certain notes, the explosive power. Having recognized and appreciated all this about Gadhia’s vocal ability, I was happy that he was able to shine yet again in their latest offering.

Home of The Strange consists of a great mix of rock, folk and electronic songs. Kicking off the album to a great start are lead singles “Amerika” and “Something To Believe In.” Following that is “Elsewhere,” a calming rock track with a soothing melody that alternates with guitar riffs and is backed up by a steady drumbeat. “Mr. Know-It-All” is a catchy head-grooving track that leaves you dancing along.

One of my favorite songs on the full-length is undoubtedly “Silvertongue.” With a rhythmic beat, a strong bassline and soaring vocals, the song talks about having a silver tongue, which means to have a way with words, especially when persuading others.

Another one of my favorites is “Art Exhibit.” It is a slow moving tune with an intricate guitar-plucking melody that invokes nostalgia and paints a picture of rowing down a river at night; absolutely beautiful.

The album also consists of a few grungier, heavier tracks such as “Jungle Youth” and title track “Home of The Strange.” “Land of the free, home of the strange,” the song helps them express their sentiments on their country.

“We wanted to say more about who we are – we’re all first-generation Americans or immigrants ourselves. We consider ourselves to be Americans, but we’re also tied to a lot of the belief structures of our forefathers,” Sameer disclosed in a recent interview. “I think it’s a unique place, because you have to struggle to find a place where you can belong, and where you don’t whitewash or bleach out your heritage and your culture. This is a very strong American narrative, which hasn’t been discussed too much.”

Overall, Young the Giant have presented an extremely solid album that provides great perspective on immigrants in the United States. Check out the music video for their latest single, “Silvertongue” below!