photo: Laura Ersoy / EUPH.

BROODS – Webster Hall

Australian singer-songwriter, who just released his debut album in the US ‘High,’ played to a sold out audience at NYC’s Webster Hall.

Jarryd James Set-List:

  1. Can’t Help It
  2. Claim My Love
  3. How Do We Make It
  4. Burning Out
  5. Sure Love
  6. 1000x (w/ Georgia Nott of BROODS)
  7. Give Me Something
  8. High
  9. Do You Remember

BROODS make their triumphant return to NYC on their Conscious tour. Check out our live photos and set-list below.

BROODS Set List:

  1. Conscious
  2. Hole The Line
  3. Everytime
  4. Never Gonna Change
  5. Bedroom Door
  6. Freak of Nature
  7. All of Your Glory
  8. Taking You There
  9. Recovery
  10. Are You Home?
  11. Heartlines
  12. Pretty Thing
  13. LAF
  14. We Had Everything
  15. Full Blown Love
  16. Mother and Father
  17. Free
  18. Four Walls (encore)
  19. Bridges (encore)
  20. Couldn’t Believe (encore)