Young Summer – Alright

Young Summer, aka Bobbie Allen, has worked her way to success. Her career blossomed by means of self-taught guitar and overcoming a bout of debilitating stage fright through a series of open mic nights and club dates. Throughout this time, the Washington, D.C. based musician was able to develop her unique sonic vision.

Following a 2014 LP, Siren, Young Summer releases the first single from her upcoming summer EP. “Alright” is equally buoyant and infectious. All the while, it creates a personal, emotional vibe. The vocals ask, “Am I allowed to love you?” The tune of unrequited love is one many know well, particularly as the idea of a summer romance prevails during this sunny, steamy July.  It’s been building for a long time, explosions in my sky. Say it’s alright, is it alright, is it alright?” Young Summer asks, as the listener rides along on her synths and rollercoaster emotions

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