photo: Matt Young / EUPH.


Following the success from her last Teenage Craze EP, Glaswegian pop princess KLOE has released her latest single titled “UDSM” which stands for “You Don’t See Me”. It’s a catchy tune that can easily get stuck in your head all day, in a good way.

The song conveys a familiar message, one that many of us can relate to. It speaks of falling for someone who will play with your emotions, but won’t give you the attention you deserve. Something that really stands out with this song is its rawness—a refreshing aspect in songwriting because there are many songs with hidden meanings. Kloe allows her audience to see her pain and vulnerability through her music. The concept of the track and video  are simple and straightforward—it’s something we all have gone through once. There are videos and songs that can make people think and decipher its meaning; then there’s the type of content Kloe produces that allows the audience to feel with her, rather than try to figure out.

Something I really appreciate is how she is bold and isn’t afraid to express how she feels through her music. The video follows Kloe around a vibrant night out, as she connects with an unfaithful lad. The video showcases copious amounts of drinking, crying, dancing, and puking on the dance floor among a sea of a nightly crowd. It’s colorful, aching, exciting, and portrays a part of what everyone stumbles across during their youth. “UDSM” is based on a night that Kloe encountered in real life. She says “I wrote the song at the tail end of last year after being humiliated by a boy in a bar in Camden. I had just begun to go out in London and was experiencing chaotic city life for the first time. I was 18, new to the industry and full of wonder. So after he kissed some girl, without a second thought, I ran out of the bar and walked around Camden alone crying my eyes out. All I wanted to do was get absolutely obliterated. I wanted to show people – the vulnerable, naive side of me.” The video is only part one of a two part series. As we await the second portion of the saga, we can also look forward to her on tour.


24th – Secret Garden Party

29th – Y NOT Festival

30th – Kendall Calling


13th – Boardmasters Festival

14th  – Down to the Woods

2nd – Bingley Music Live

4th – Festival No. 6