Lucia Fontaine – Lose My Mind

Lucia Fontaine, an up and coming newbie in the music world, has just released her debut single, “Lose My Mind”. The track is a part of her EP titled BEST BOY, which set for release this coming fall.

If Joan Jett and Best Coast were somehow given the opportunity to meet and collaborate, the product of their work would probably be Lucia Fontaine. Her cool, punk princess vocals that dance listlessly over the nebulous instrumentals provide the listener with instant good vibes. The track propels the listener’s imagination right into a classic garage pop scene: mismatched carpets and furniture sprawled across the floor, string lights dangling from every surface, and beer-drinking friends gathering around a band using beat-up instruments.

However, Fontaine’s sterling execution of the aloof, hazy grunge sound does not make her any less capable of singing about love. Normally, when someone says their significant other makes them lose their mind, it is meant in a negative way. Fontaine’s lyrics make it known this is not the case regarding her situation. The chorus sings, “Because I wanna pass the time/And you make me lose my mind/I wanna lose my mind”. She’ll make time for the person who makes her lose her mind and this person alone, just so she can have the privilege of seeing their face on the pillow next to hers.