Fickle Friends – Cry Baby

New single “Cry Baby” by Fickle Friends has a punchy melody line, roving guitar and synth sprinkles propelling it forward. The song has a playfully galactic feel and is also extraordinarily catchy. Although the end comes a bit abruptly, the vocals are so peachy you’ve got to sing along each time the chorus comes around.

The Brighton band with their good looks and blithely retro aesthetic (check out their instagram, you’ll see) has already garnered plenty of attention. Their debut track “Swim” became the most blogged about single from an unsigned group and, while “Cry Baby” builds on that success, it also experiments with a new sound.

They seem to function well together as a democratic unit. At one point during “Cry Baby” the melody falls away to reveal a pumping bass line. Then the chorus surges back in. “You were right all along, I’m a crybaby. Do you cry baby?” At once probing and playful, this is a song you’ll want to play over and over.