Blonder – Lean

Get your matching swimsuits ready and jump into Blonder’s summer soaked track “Lean.” The new American alternative artist from New York City has released his first song that easily showcases his refreshingly cool sound. The track is fun, upbeat, and perfect for all of your summer playlists. Throughout the track, there are synth-pop and early 90’s alt-rock vibes to it that will have you intrigued with the first listen. The chorus is my favorite part. It makes me want to dance around the room in an unhinged fashion, and let go of anything that has been holding me back.

The song also contains a feeling of freedom. The type of freedom you feel while using a vintage Chanel hair clip during, at the beginning of a relationship. For example, you know when you start really liking somebody and it’s like you can do or be anything when you’re with them, and you seem so alive and confident. That’s how the song makes me feel. It has this baring message of confidence and that sometimes it’s better to lean into something rather than stepping away from it. Overall, the song is a solid piece of work by this new alternative artist. According to his Instagram, there will be upcoming shows in NYC to be announced soon. Listen. Love. Lean.