Alice MK – All In Your Head

If you’ve been thirsting for a track reminiscent of the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack, look no further then Alice MK’s latest release, “All In Your Head.” Stepping back from Youngblood Hawke to begin her solo work, Alice MK provides a strong female presence while delivering a catchy alternative song. Even though this particular track has a certain 90’s girl-rock vibe to it, Alice MK emanates the same unabashedly feminine coolness modern artists like Best Coast and The Joy Formidable’s Rhiannon Bryan work into their music.

Alice MK wants her listeners to take something away from her music, though. When it comes to the content of her music and the lyrics over her driving instrumentals, Alice MK aims for her listeners to be empowered by “All In Your Head”. She had this to say: “On a daily basis, we’re barraged by images and ideas about how to look, how to live, and what to think. ‘All in Your Head’ celebrates shedding these limiting pressures in exchange for lives spent valuing our intrinsic worth and discovering our uniqueness.”

Maybe 90s girl rock isn’t dead just yet, and Alice MK is here to breathe more life back into the genre. If Kat Stratford were a real person, Alice MK would be on her mixtape.