The Beach – Geronimo

George Morgan, better known by his stage name The Beach, has just released the video for his newest single, “Geronimo”. Starting off by locking himself in a cupboard-sized studio with Max Hosinger, his producer friend, The Beach has produced some fascinating music in the last two years steadily building himself up a fan base, leading to him signing to RCA last year and supporting some of our favorite bands and singers on tour, including James Bay, Tom Odell and Kodaline.

“Geronimo is a feel good song about being in a bad situation, and then someone or something comes along and helps you rise above it. The song stands for taking a leap of faith,” The Beach explained. The uplifting anthem challenges its listeners to push the boundaries, step out of their comfort zone and overcome obstacles they encounter. Combining a foot-stomping beat with a cinematic melody, “Geronimo” also features The Beach’s stirring vocals.

The video simply alternates between shots of him singing the song and swimmers jumping off a cliff, somersaulting into the ocean, which might be a representation of taking risks and trying new things, making it a great accompaniment video to this already amazing track.