Toothless – Palm’s Backside

Ed Nash, also known as Toothless, released “Palm’s Backside” earlier this month, available both to stream and purchase digitally. The track features brooding songstress Marika Hackman, and is produced by both Nash and his Bombay Bicycle Club bandmate, Jack Steadman. The song, with accompanying lyric video, is an upbeat take on what it’s like to see someone you once loved with someone new. The vocals “I know you like my palm’s backside, and you look happier than we ever were” lead both song and listener into this post-breakup limbo.

Well, monkey see and monkey do, I’ll find a new start,” sings Nash, calmly, as the instrumental picks up. As many in the same spot have experienced, the vocals follow the uneasy feeling created by the of sight of an old lover with someone new. The music follows the tone of the lyrics, in that it starts timid, as if suffering the emotional turmoil of realizing that what love has been lost is not coming back. As the tempo picks up, it mimics the desire to go out and meet someone new, too. Rather than creating a heartbroken, sorrowful song, Nash’s latest track reminds the listener that, regardless of what someone they were once with is doing, fresh starts are to embraced and past failures are not to be dwelt on.

As well as this summer release, Toothless will be performing three sets at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.


24th – Rabbit Hole, 4:15pm

25th – Crows Nest, 4:30pm

26th – Croissant Neuf, 4:00pm