saint clair

Saint Clair – Heavy on My Heart

The new track from London-based Saint Clair is one of those songs that unflinchingly exudes the heartbreak, but also deftly transforms it into an achingly beautiful anthem that makes us want to keep coming back for more.

“Heavy on My Heart” explores a breathtaking sonic range. A guitar riff in the beginning opens the path to soulful vocals–the kind that can fill a room without even turning up the volume. This R&B vibe soon enough swells to a pitch, marrying the emotional intensity of Florence+the Machine or Ellie Goulding with a deeply satisfying musical thread and a wrenching refrain.

“Piece me back together now / Bring me back to life somehow” is the final plea the singer leaves us with. This is one of only two tracks on the artist’s Soundcloud page.