rosie carney

Rosie Carney – Better Man

The equally beautiful and talented Ireland based singer songwriter Rosie Carney’s new track “Better Man” is making me, and the rest of the male population want to become better men. The song is soaked with an ambience and love that will send chills throughout your entire body. It’s dark, different, and distilled into artistry. On the track, Carney is walking away from a love that has seen its potential end. She comes to terms with the fact that the one she loves dearly might not be the one for her caressing heart. And that is okay.

Almost throughout the entirety of track Carney’s voice glides on gently like a soft breeze that graces your cheek during the first signs of Fall. In contrast, her harmonies on the track strike like a howling storm, bold and calm. The simple acoustics give the song a folk-like tone, and the mixture of strings send your mind sweeping deep into the melancholic lyrics. The song itself has a melancholic tone all around, and I mean that in a sincere way. There is a great importance in the emotion this track evokes. Melancholy ultimately facilitates other emotions such as happiness and contentment, and that is what the track does. It provides a thoughtfulness that is neither sad nor happy, but somewhere in between. To me there’s a certain aesthetic in that phenomenon. It provides listeners with a better understanding of what true love might be. That is if anyone can ever define the term. In the mean time, I will wait quietly and listen to “Better Man”.

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