RALPH – Cold To The Touch

Although she may be a newcomer to the music world, Toronto’s Raffa Weyman – better known as RALPH – is definitely not tender-footing her way into it. Weyman has spent most of her childhood covered in facial glitter and feather boas, prancing around to tutelary saints of prismatic sound like David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, and Prince. Her early appreciation for the avant-garde style of music from the past has influenced the disco vibe of her funky pop style today. “Cold To The Touch” is the singer’s infectious new cut that infuses a comfortable amount of vulnerability with a sound reminiscent of the vibrant days of the 70’s.

The infectious ditty explores the emotional back and forth between two people in a casual fling. The jolting slaps of a bass and guitar that are a nod to the feel good decade reflect off of Weyman’s energetic vocals. They sit well next to her storytelling lyrics, with lines like “Just got to be honest, I’m not what you wanted,” projecting out so much truth in a cut to the bone statement.

Weyman blends funky 1970’s bass with 1980’s pop keys, all the while infusing vocal melodies that stay true to her narrative songwriting style, a collective of tales of deception, lust, jealousy and strength. “Cold To The Touch” tips its hat off to the golden days of funky music, while previewing the future for this prismatic pop maven.