POWERS – Sunshine

Since 2015’s Legendary EP, the world has been waiting to hear from POWERS. LA-to-NYC duo Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru have been hard at work, and are now presenting their new single “Sunshine.”

You may have heard POWERS from their undeniably upbeat hit “Beat Of My Drum,” a know-it-when-you-hear-it type of song that sets the stage for the rest of their material. It’s a part of their small discography that is surely growing in the coming year.

“Sunshine” is a little bit pop, a little bit electronic, with just a hint of funk/soul. That’s the balance they are so good at achieving. It combines the efforts of all these genres into something that becomes their own style. The retro-infusion style is very popular right now, and it isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a pretty winning combination.

Right off the bat, it offers up a strong, attention-grabbing beat that quickly makes anyone want to stick around to see what the rest of the song has in store. Del Rio sings about “going through the motions,” but it sounds like the production of this song was anything but. The chorus comes with an interesting shift in pace, slowing things down a bit where it would be expected that there would be an opposite effect. It creates a vacuum for the interestingly low vocals to exist within.

That’s not to say the tone of the song matches that notion, however. The title is quite fitting to the sound, as it is quite summery and airy. More than that, though, it ushers in a new chapter for POWERS. “Sunshine” is a little bit different than their older songs, but in the way that it gives hope for the potential of their future full-length LP.