ISLAND – Come With Me

London-based quartet ISLAND continue their steady and momentous ascent with dazzling new single “Come With Me,” the other half of double A-side “Spotless Mind.”

Having built a reputation for their stunningly ethereal and immersive arrangements following the release of their debut Girl EP late last year, the lead single of which landed on the Spotify world wide viral chart having racked up 1.3 million steams, ISLAND’s new track once again strikes a gentle balance between their blues-inspired ripping guitar lines that sing throughout “Come With Me” and their more ambient disposition. Meanwhile vocalist Rollo Doherty barely breaks out of his reticent croon.

The quartet sold out their headline London show at Oslo two months in advance earlier in the year and have now booked the even bigger Scala for November 2nd. Tickets for that show as well as the new AA are available now.