angelic milk

angelic milk – Rebel Black


It’s the beginning of summer and your sense of adventure is at its all-time high due to an intense school year, trust me we all know it was a rollercoaster, and nothing seems to be exciting just yet. Are you living in a town where nothing seems to happen, and everything is a routine? Well “Rebel Black” is here to take you away and potentially save your summer!

“Rebel Black” isn’t just your new favorite summer anthem but also the lead single off of the Russian indie band Angelic Milk’s latest EP titled Teenage Movie Soundtrack. With their soft-grunge aesthetic and head nodding beats, Angelic Milk will accompany your getaways perfectly as you drift along the hot summer nights. We all need that friend like “Rebel Black” to throw rocks at our windows to encourage us to have a little fun, and live while we’re young. On the track, lead singer Sarah Persephona, 18, is personifying what it feels like to be at the edge of adolescence.

If you are a fan of Best Coast or War Paint, you’ll find that “Rebel Black” fits perfectly into your music archive. Blast it!