astrid s
photo: Matt Young / EUPH.

Astrid S – Rockwood Music Hall

Piercing the quiet concert hall with a voice as light and crisp as Ellie Goulding stands wide-eyed Astrid S. The young chanteuse hailing from Norway commands the crowd with a seasoned presence and angelic voice. Accompanied by a keyboardist and percussionist, Astrid S lures the crowd in with smooth R&B beats laced with synths, snappy treble claps, and mind-numbing bass drops.

The amalgam of sounds blends into a head-bobbing indie-R&B-alt-pop cadence that floats under Astrid S’s sweet and tantalizing vocals. The Island Records artist donned a black bodysuit, navy sequins pants, and white Adidas sneakers opened her set under soft red lighting with an upbeat soul-telling number called “Paper Thin” followed by fan favorites, the 808-heavy break-up track “Hurts So Good” and the wildly popular “Running Out” before leaving the audience in awe with a smooth poppier number called “Atic” punctuated by bright cymbal crashes and synchronized flashing lights.

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