oliver riot
photo: Matt Young / EUPH.

Oliver Riot

We all have our obsessions and mine is currently the work of the indie band, Oliver Riot. The band is composed of Alex and Ben Moore, identical twin brothers from New Mexico, that are a refreshing blend of soft warm melodies and a thought provoking sound. After releasing the 2015’s debut EP Hallucinate, they let listeners into their world of gypsy folk and heartache.

Note-worthy tracks from their EP include “We Popped the Moon” and “Alcatraz” that will make you want to drive down the Californian coast on a warm summer night, reminiscing about the meaning of life & love. They’re on a progressive mission to craft their music towards their own fascinations. However, even though their songs sound like suitable beach tunes, they have a darker side to them.

Talking to both twins I was told that they both suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and try to make that a discussion when it comes to their music and at shows. When asked why they enjoy making music I received a rather unexpected response. Alex says, “we don’t want to make music that shows how fly they are, like Justin Bieber, but instead how weird we are.” Not many twin brothers can say they are in a band together, yet here are these two young men who feed off each other’s musical creativity to form music definitely worth listening to.

oliver riot
photo: Matt Young / EUPH.

Read below for interview highlights:

Where does the name Oliver Riot come from?
Alex: I’ve always wanted a name like Jack White, Alicia Keys, or John Legend. Where one name is a real name and the back half is complimentary. And riot was just from my friend’s sweatshirt that said chariot and the “cha” was always curt off and I’d always see the “riot” and I was like that’s so rad!

How would you guys describe your music?
Ben: We’ve been calling it “Blood Indie” because its kind of darker indie music, not like indie pop. We were calling it “Acid Folk” for a while, but that was when it was folkier and we played at bars.

Interviewer: Any upcoming live performances? What can we look forward to?
Ben: Yeah we’re playing then Make Music Pasadena June 11th. We are both going to play the electric guitar!