Lontalius – Kick In The Head

Lontalius releases stunning video for “Kick In The Head” following release of debut album.

The new video for “Kick In The Head,” a track from Lontalius’ impressive debut album I’ll Forget 17, travels across a physical landscape almost as sprawling as its emotional one. The album, released March 25, has already garnered praise from Lorde, Dazed and The FADER, and with good reason.

Lontalius, fronted by 19-year-old New Zealand based Eddie Johnston, dredges up those all-too-familiar feelings of teenage loneliness and longing with a humbling maturity and tameness. The Interpol-esque vocals are netted by a lo-fi, atmospheric dream pop melodies. The sound is woozy and delicate, raw and relatable.

Following suit, the video for the track displays an emotional breadth that’s reaching, almost gripping. It’s filmed on an Infrared Camera in Queenstown, New Zealand, capturing the unique, gleaming beauty of the land’s natural settings: cragged mountains, glittering brooks, close-up shots of flowers in bloom, beams of light nestling through cherry blossom trees, etc.

And while chewing the nearly overwhelming amount of eye candy, the video shows the indie-pop outfit sitting together on a bench in a dark room, also indulging on what appears to be cans of soda and candy bars, eyes wide, mouths agape; all the jarring intricacies and beauty of the real world witnessed safely from a glass screen while Johnston repeatedly croons throughout the song, “I howl at the moon/ but nobody moves.”  Potential social commentary on the internet age? A physical depiction of inner vastness? Or just really stinkin’ beautiful for the heck of it?

I’ll Forget 17 can be streamed in full on both Spotify and iTunes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsVGE3wqjmg&w=560&h=315]