AQUILO – I’m Sorry (Live)

“I’m sorry that I let you go, I’m sorry that I cared. I’m sorry that the feeling shows that I just wasn’t there.”

Our favorite Silverdale boys, Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher from AQUILO, have been killing it lately, and it’s only a result of their highly anticipated and teased debut album.

In the midst of working on their new record, the boys have surprised everyone with another stunning song—titled “Sorry” (and no it is not a rendition of Bieber)—release from the album itself; this time it’s a live acoustic performance. What a treat! Take a listen below!

Stripped back into its simplest and rawest configuration, AQUILO gives us an emotional performance in an intimate setting. Higham’s voice coos effortlessly in the refrain, while Fletcher’s harmonies give the song an extra texture, making it haunting. They have such control in their voices.

If you love AQUILO as much as I do, sit tight because you’re in for a treat. AQUILO will be releasing their debut album sometime this year, so keep your eyes peeled and have your ears ready! For those of you lucky ladies and lads in the UK, the duo will be touring in October.