There is bravery in simplicity. UK songstress SHELLS introduces herself into the musical atmosphere with her astonishing debut melody, “Gold.” The serene canticle is a captivating bravura of SHELLS’ emotional artistry. With an intricate assemblage of gallant vocals and multifaceted instrumentals, “Gold” presents itself as the singer’s flambeau, illuminating her way into burgeoning musical prosperity.

“Gold” immediately lays out SHELLS’ unease with the emotional labyrinth of relationships. The songstress admits her afflictions with lyrics like “I’ve bared every heartache and tenderness / and I’ve dared every lover to defeat the Nile, and I’ve found, that in every man, there’s a child.” Her dauntless croon washes over an organic landscape of strings and percussion, with each wave of hope for the simplicity of love that breaks against a shore building int its voracity.

“We’re all human, we all want to love and be loved. “Gold” is about love enabling us to overcome obstacles.” The singer explained, adding “It’s asking for love to put us in black and white, to simplify a difficult situation by highlighting the things that matter, and helping us to let go of the things that don’t.”

SHELLS brings her emotional virtuosity to a kaleidoscopic meridian in an explosion of auditory excellence, with the intrepid intonations of the strings and percussion culminating into a burst of colorful emotion. The songstress laments about the trouble with lovers in a heart-wrenching refrain, projecting the pain of her misgivings out as a powerful aurora that is enrapturing and displays the natural phenomenon that is SHELLS.