Glasgow’s PRIDES have once again the graced the music sphere with their dashing synth-pop sound with the release of their brand new single, “Rome.” Their latest effort rides on the electronic waves of their successful debut album, The Way Back Up, all the while introducing a more reposeful sound that ushers the band into a new era.

From the jump off, frenetic synth inflections bump against the reverberant pounding of percussion beats. Frontman Stewart Brock’s vocal despotism aligns the tempestuous symphony into a piece of sonic euphoria.

“Lyrically, it’s a plea,” says Brock. “To stay, to try, to forgive, to work towards something bigger and better.”

Backed by the musical intellectualism of Callum Wiseman orchestrates a demanding synthesis of drums and guitar. Many have questioned the presence of drummer Lewis Gardiner in the band, but Brock has reassured fans that although he is no longer drumming for the band any more, he is still producing music for the duo.

“Rome” explores a darker realm for PRIDES, a canticle of the depths of youthful pining and anguish. The song is available for purchase on iTunes now.