kyla la grange

Kyla La Grange – Hummingbird

EUPH. favorite Kyla La Grange has returned with a vibrant, new single. Following her earlier, recent releases “So Sweet” and “Skin,” Kyla’s latest offering is just as spellbinding as her last couple tracks.

“Hummingbird” is an infectious, electro-pop piece with its illustrious instrumentals, pouncing arrangement and charismatic chorus. The track is both playful and polished, as it skirts between colorful beats and breathy vocals. When discussing her newest release, Kyla revealed that the track is about “hovering between the different versions of yourself… the traits you thought you’d outgrown, but that come back to get you.” The single’s strong theme certainly resonates due to Kyla’s top-notch style and delivery. “Hummingbird” is more than the typical fluff pop piece, since it’s about “trying to sit comfortably in your own skin and learning to like all the things about yourself that wouldn’t necessarily fall into society’s definition of a successful functioning human.”

In any case, we’re proud to be different if we’ve got Kyla La Grange in our corner, delivering anthems of self-worth and urging us to be our own strange selves.