Great Good Fine OK – Always

American synth-pop duo Great Good Fine OK has just dropped their latest single “Always.” GGFO have never disappointed with their previous releases and “Always” is no different. An upbeat, bouncy tune, the song makes you want to get up and start dancing. The vocals on the track are stunning, always soaring for the high notes. Masters at feel-good compositions, the song is filled with short bursts of indietronic melodies layered over a steady drumbeat and groovy bassline.

Having tour with and supported several big name artists, including The Grisworlds, Magic Man and Panama Wedding, the band will be back out playing a handful of live shows this summer.


23rd – Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle (TICKETS)
24th – Doug Fir Lounge , Portland (TICKETS)
26th – Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco (TICKETS)
27th – The Echo, Los Angeles (TICKETS)



  • Kenneth Ong

    Often dramatically dim and extremely confused, Kenneth likes tea, baking and indie music. You can find him at @Kehhnough, often crying about insignificant things. He writes here hoping this is his big break, because he's feeling slightly sleepy.