COIN – Talk Too Much

“You know I talk too much, oh honey come put your lips on mine and shut me up.”

COIN has just unveiled their newest single off their forthcoming second studio album. “Talk Too Much” gives us a peek of what we can expect from this Nashville outfit. The release of their debut self-titled album last year has left fans craving for more of their upbeat, optimistic tunes and “Talk Too Much” has certainly delivered.

There is more of a rock sound in this new single, hinting at a possibly newer direction they might be adopting in the new record. Filled with random spurts of eccentric keyboard melodies, the song brings a summery, feel-good vibe to the catchy song. It is no surprise if we start hearing this song getting tons of radio plays soon.

Lead singer and frontman Chase Lawrence’s vocals in this song reminded me a lot of Christo Bowman of Bad Suns, especially when he goes low in the line: “It’s just a kiss so why you gotta be so talkative?”

“We wrote ‘Talk Too Much’ on our first day writing for a new record. We just came off a two-month tour playing pseudo punk songs. We wanted to slow it down to the likes of ‘80s new wave. The song came easier than any other song I’ve ever written. In a few hours, we wrote a song about my ability to leave it unsaid,” said Chase.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of what is to come from COIN. Till then, you can catch them at several shows around the US; check out their tour dates here.

Listen to “Talk Too Much” below!