Animali – Who?

Alternative five-piece Animali from Lyon, France have dropped their newest single, ‘Who?,’ and it proves to be a strange but highly enjoyable listen.

Lifted from their 5-track The Plane’s Going Down, Are We All Gonna Die? EP, it begins with a solid rhythmic beat before progressing to incorporate guitar melodies and galactic-like electronic noises, before inducing a trance with its absolutely chill bridge and ending off on a high. The song is out of this world, possessing a unique sound that is enchanting and enticing.

A perfect mix of psychedelia, pop, rock and indietronic, the song is a chill one, guaranteed to leave you hanging on each note and wanting more by the end of it. This particular song reminds me a lot of MGMT, which shows off their versatility. All their songs sound distinctively different from one another which means I can’t wait nor imagine what Animali have in store; their style of music has definitely captured my attention.