Paperwhite – Escape

“I keep a piece of your sun-drenched kiss in my heart” 

Paperwhite, the brother and sister duo out of Brooklyn, release their latest delve into the dream-pop world with their Escape EP. The five track piece follows their 2014 debut with the Magic EP, and twirls further into the dreamy landscape created by Katie and Ben Marshall. As is their signature, Paperwhite’s “sophisticated melodies bounce from star to star in a lush galaxy of synthesized textures.” The listener sails along to the galaxy of sound far, far away.

The EP begins with singles “Get Away” and “Unstoppable.” “Get Away” does exactly that, as Katie’s voice hypnotizes with the dreamy question “don’t you wanna get away?” The listener doesn’t know where this magical place is, but it is sure to be somewhere comforting and dream-like. In this way, Paperwhite is almost a lullaby, modernized with synth beats and catchy lyrics. As “Get Away” fades and turns into “Unstoppable,” the listener is shaken out of a dream and dropped into a powerful reality in which “we are unstoppable.” The song is the beginning of an adventure; an adventure Katie is prepared to lead us on.

The EP’s following three tracks upkeep the same dreamy landscape through which the Marshalls effortlessly work to guide us. “On My Own” keeps things upbeat despite the assumption that being alone means being lonely; “Wanderlust” puts music and lyrics to the chill up the spine from dreaming of new places;  and “Storm” brings things back to a dual perspective, where Katie assures the listener “that we’ll fight on together, ‘til the storm is over.” While each song has its own set of emotions, Paperwhite mixes together these ideas and creates a trance in which the listener has no trouble gliding through life and its challenges.

Paperwhite’s Escape EP is available to stream on Soundcloud and Spotify. Visit their website for more information, as well as info on their upcoming tour with Cheerleader.