zak abel

Zak Abel – Everybody Needs Love

And it feels like I’ve been down for so long. I’ve been waiting for a wake up call to take me home”

20-year-old British singer-songwriter Zak Abel has just unveiled his incredible video for his newest single, “Everybody Needs Love.”

The song is great blend of soul, pop and funk. With its eclectic beats and flurry of electronic sounds, the song is hopeful, cheery and optimistic.

Before becoming the singer-songwriter he is today, Zak was a national table tennis champion for his age group. In this video, he shows of his table tennis expertise. Shot in one continuous take, the video features Zak dancing around while returning shots from his former coach, Eli Baraty. The video makes a great accompaniment to this feisty track as it shows a different side of Zak that not everyone might have seen before.

“Everybody Needs Love” gives us a peek into what to expect from Zak Abel’s debut studio album A Love Electric, due to be released later this year.

Check out the music video below!