young the giant

Young The Giant – Amerika

“I was searching for something as I watched you run. I was sad when you said that you never really wanted some.”

Young The Giant has just released their newest single “Amerika” off their upcoming third album, Home of the Strange, due to be released this August 12. It has been far too long since we heard anything from the indie rock powerhouse band but “Amerika” has proven the wait to be well worth it.

Energetic and upbeat, the song gives off a reminiscent vibe. To say the least, this song is absolutely dreamy. They have kept up with their chill rock style in this new song and the more I nod along to it, the more I find myself feeling the inexplicable sense of joy that often comes along with their music.

I have said this to everyone I know but lead singer Sameer Gadhia has one of my favourite voices ever, strong, powerful and raspy as he belts out the high notes in his songs. The eclectic beats alongside the catchy melody and rhythmic guitar makes for an amazing track. I absolutely love this song and cannot wait for their upcoming album this August.

Coupled with the awesome tune is an animated video of characters on a journey, migrating to the great land that is America. Check out the video and track below!