HONNE & Izzy Bizu – Someone That Loves You

“My heart, its keeps getting weaker. I know you want me near, but your love is what I fear.”

HONNE have unveiled their latest single “Someone Who Loves You” featuring UK songstress, Izzy Bizu. The track is a simmering cut of electro-soul from two bright, emerging talents of the year. The duo say, the track is “fundamentally about forbidden love, but from both sides of the story…” while Bizu adds, “where the grass is always greener, and you want what you can’t have.”

Long time fans of each other’s work, the collaboration started on Twitter— duh. Of their collaboration, HONNE say, “An amazing part of our job is getting the chance to work with other creative, like-minded people. After finding out that she liked one of our tracks, we asked Izzy to write some stuff together and without really thinking about it, our next single was written.”

Stream the track above!

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