demons of ruby mae

Demons of Ruby Mae – That Feeling

“So what you gonna do when they come looking for you? When they come looking every night? When you feel like you got nothing left to hide, so get on that feeling. Just give yourself a try when you save yourself tonight.”

After the release of their stunning debut EP The Boy Who Cried Wolf last year, Demons of Ruby Mae have now returned with an all-new single, “That Feeling.” The multi-instrumentalists duo from Leicester with their powerful vocals and creative compositions, have slowly but definitely become one to watch out for.

The moment lead singer Jonny Gavin starts singing; it immediately catches your attention. Powerful, raspy and substantial, it is his voice in which the music is built upon. As we reach the chorus, we are joined by the eccentric electronic beats, rounding off the emotional and soulful track nicely. The song seems to be tackling the issue of your inner struggles, encouraging you to fight your inner demons and fight ‘that feeling’ of helplessness and depression we tend to feel at night; something not talked about often enough yet relatable to many.