billie marten

Billie Marten – Milk & Honey

“But all you want is milk, more than you can drink. And all you want is honey, you can’t take the sting. You live for overkill, but you’re ungrateful still. All you want is honey, well honey I tried— you just want more… and now it’s all gone.”

16 year old Yorkshire rocker Billie Marten released a new single “Milk & Honey” on Friday via Chess Club Records. The song follows the success of her latest single “Bird” and a sold out London gig.

Marten’s songs thus far have been beautiful and beguiling— and “Milk & Honey” is no different. She says “Milk & Honey” is a song about “the greed of people, the thoughts that we’re all sort of stuck in this consumerist frame of mind.”

Be sure to keep an eye on Billie as she’s expected to release her debut album this fall. Until then, you can find Billie on tour at the following dates:

July 1: Blissfields – Winchester, UK
July 2: Barn on the Farm – Gloucester, UK
July 16: Latitude Festival – Suffolk, UK
July 17: Citadel Festival – London, UK
July 24: Secret Garden Party – Huntingdon, UK
July 29: Standon Calling – Herts, UK
July 30: Camp Bestival – Dorset, UK
July 31: Leopalooza – Cornwall, UK
September 10: Bestival – Isle of Wight, UK