Matt Maltese – In a New Bed

“You’re a little more clear with this wine in my hand and it colours my tongue as if your lipstick has run.”

20-year-old Matt Maltese from Reading has just released his debut EP, In A New Bed. He was previously invited to take part in world-renowned fashion label Burberry’s music project, ‘Burberry Acoustic’ when he was just sixteen. With the stunning compositions on this EP, it is no surprise he has been referred to as the next Tom Odell.

Kicking off the EP is his debut single, “Studio 6”. Inspired by the observations of London life happening around him, Matt teamed up with fellow South Londoner Alex Burey on production for this dreamy track. The song is perfect for late nights when you’re missing happier and simpler times. Romantic and sentimental, the sheer emotion comprised in this one is absolutely moving. His songs tend to follow a similar style, starting off with a somber piano melody as he chimes in with his folky vocals and enchants you as you slip into a trance listening to his soothing melodies.

In a recent interview, he mentions that the main inspiration behind the four-track EP is his terrible break up. Going from a dependent teenage relationship to living and sleeping alone, he channels the change in environment and memories he miss into his songwriting, using it to as a form of expressing his feelings his ex-girlfriend, without actually doing so.

The EP as a whole is well rounded, building you up for a calming and therapeutic experience. You can hear the sheer pain and the hardships he has faced through the conviction in his vocals. Through his cinematic sound, he has shown his knack for songwriting. If this were to be kept up, it wouldn’t be long before we hear him all over the radio. While highly enjoyable, his music is definitely emotionally demanding and requires a lot of mental space before embarking on the emotional journey, so fair warning, be well prepared with tissues. In A New Bed is definitely worth a check out. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to hear more from Matt.

Check out the “Studio 6” music video below!