photo: Matt Young / EUPH.

Lauv – Studio @ Webster Hall

Three silhouettes drenched in red light walk on the small stage to quickly linecheck, while being met with premature cheers and chants for “Ari” aka New York native Ari Leff aka Lauv, who was about to make his debut-headlining show in Manhattan Thursday night to the sold out Studio At Webster Hall with.

Mirroring the structure of his debut EP, Lost In The Light, Lauv opened the set with his breakthrough R&B/pop track “The Other” which alone has over 3 million streams on Spotify. After slight technically difficulties, Lauv brought the energy of the crowd, which felt predominately like a college party (seriously, his entire frat was there), back to a high with “Comfortable” and “Adrenaline” where he got packed room to dance low to the ground at one point. We got a taste of some new material with a slower unreleased track that features lyrics “the story never ends” that continues the theme of Lauv’s songwriting about the ups, downs, and uncertainty of relationships presented through his smooth falsetto. He finished up the set with “Come Back Home” and “Question” a bonus track made only available at the moment on physical copies of his EP. After the room demanded that he come back for an encore, he came back on with supporting drummer and did a short and fitting rendition of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” that lead into his latest single “Reforget” which had everyone dancing along to the catchy chorus and infectious synths.

With over a million streams across music platforms, celebrity shootouts including actress Chloe Grace Moretz and fellow musician Liam Payne from One Direction, soon to perform at Firefly Music Festival, oh and in his senior year at NYC, Lauv is well on his way to be a big act in 2016. Be sure to take a listen to Lost In The Light HERE.

Full Set List:
“The Other”
“Story Never Ends”
“Come Back Home”