ry x

RY X – Only

“I was only falling in love.”

Australian singer songwriter and musician, Ry Cuming (aka RY X), has come a long way from his EP days but the hard work has finally paid off. He’s proud to announce his forthcoming debut album “Dawn,” and as a preview to it all, he’s released the track “Only.”

“Only” is such an intimate and moving track to draw listeners in, and it’s such smart move on his part to use it as the beginning to it all. With a steady and soft guitar playing in the background, piano chords creep in between it and RY X’s haunting harmonies. I swear if I saw a performance of this song live, I’d be totally captivated in the dark. When I first heard the song, I immediately was reminded of Bon Iver and wintertime blues. There’s something about the winter where it’s only right to listen to sad-sounding songs and calmer melodies. Not only does RY X capture my attention with his moody and gentle melodies, but also the hushed yet raspy falsetto in his voice. I would say that he has the same indie acoustic sound as the likes of Daughter, Bon Iver, and Matt Corby—in which they all make me melt at the sound of their voices. There are many scenarios I can picture while “Only” plays. I can hear this song as I’m driving in the rain, or while being enraptured by a live performance of this, or even crying over something frustrating. Something about songs like this emit certain emotions whether calm or somber, and it’s beautiful. With “Only” as just a preview of the entire album, I am super excited to hear what the rest of it sounds like.

As we await Ry X’s anticipated debut album, check out his other stuff on Spotify and SoundCloud. Dawn debuts May 6! It is available for pre-order on iTunes now.