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Matt Woods – Ain’t No Use

SXSW is sure to get a little steamy with the performance of Matt Woods’ “Aint No Use.” The sexy, slick track is the British singer-songwriter’s debut single of 2016 and it’s already making an impression.
When speaking of his newest release, Woods explained that “there’s a difference between getting over someone and choosing to move on from them.” Woods’ soulful falsetto perfectly captures this sense of desire as he learns to accept “that some people will always have a hold over you, no matter how much you’d like them not to.” The track’s lyrical longing is strongly paired with Woods’ smooth and versatile vocals, while the electro-synth stylings and polished production make for a mesmerizing single.
If “Ain’t No Use” is an early indicator of Matt Woods’ other stunning 2016 offerings, then count us content. Because this London artist is sure to make waves at his mid-March SXSW shows.


  • Christine Mathewson

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