Laurel – Life Worth Living

With her previous, excellent track record, this stunning songstress could have simply rested on her laurels. But with a voice this enchanting, there’s no reason not to show off. British artist Laurel is back and better than ever with a new single that simply makes “Life Worth Living.”

This stellar offering is equal parts soul and grit, as Laurel’s versatile vocal delivery soars. The single is elegantly produced with lush guitar, steadfast drums and minimal electronic production. Laurel’s polished sonic identity is impressive as she takes on multiple roles of singer-songwriter, producer and mixer, with such artistic effortlessness.

Speaking of the new track, Laurel revealed to The 405 that “the sound is a bit different to my previous stuff; I’ve changed a lot in the past year, so naturally my music changes with me.” Thankfully, this change has resulted in an electric evolution as Laurel continues to shine. Here’s to a new year where the Southampton songstress can continue to astound with her superb vocal range and perfect alt-pop production.