girl friend

Girl Friend – Waste My Time

“I shouldn’t waste my time / Hope that you would change your mind”

As their first venture into the new year, Girl Friend have released their new single “Waste My Time,” a track that will get you itching for summertime to come. It’s a modern electro-pop tune with a retro touch that gives listeners that sweet feeling of nostalgic happiness. Think of that sweet spot between old and new that bands like Empire of the Sun do so well with.

The vocal track is laid down by Manchester brother-sister duo Amory and Eleanor, two voices that mesh well together and are perfectly complimented by the music. They both keep up with the light, sunny tone of the song. Girl Friend brought out LVTHER of Monstercat for production, honing in the fun and funky sound that proves to be irresistible.

It’s a solid electronic track, one that requires as much or as little dancing as you feel like. Regardless, this one will fit right in when it warms up outside and you can blast music with the windows down. Until then, Girl Friend has put out an exciting taste of what their year has in store in terms of new music.

“Waste My Time” is the first track to be revealed of an upcoming EP from the group, due in March. It will feature more collaborations like this one, a strategy that will keep Girl Friend’s music sounding as fresh as it does now.