et aliae

et aliae – Rose

Although we don’t know much about this humble composer, pianist, and producer, et aliae’s compositions speak volumes in place of her anonymity. Classically trained on the piano and raised in Singapore, the London-based 21 year old has herself a new home in the SoundCloud world as she makes her debut with this stunning EP titled Rose.

Et aliae starts off the EP with “Closer Still Closer,” a gentle yet subtly futuristic tune that’ll have listeners floating off into space. It starts off slow and calm, but builds up into something magical. The next track, “Sober” has a noticeable R&B undertone but it still keeps consistent with the electronic sound. It features vocals from D∆WN (Dawn Richard), and I think her voice is the main contribution that gives this electronic track it’s slight 90’s R&B feel. As the EP progresses, et aliae uses “Heaven” as it’s midpoint. Listeners can hear that classical influence in this track. I think of “Heaven” as more of her intermission track as it’s a lot softer and has an elegant theme around it. The following track, “Only U”, would probably have to be my favorite out of this entire record as it uses distorted harmonies. I believe that this song embodies the electronic music scene right now. It’s definitely a fresher take on this genre as it combines traces of modern R&B in with electronic themes as well. As et aliae’s EP comes to a close, “deep dive” gives listeners the same feeling they got with the opening track. It uses the same chimes and has a similar sound to bring listeners back to familiarity.

As a whole, the EP is sweet, feminine, and showcases versatility. If you’re interested in et aliae’s work, check out some of her prior mixes on SoundCloud.