Tigertown – Lonely Cities

“Oh I know if you can only see that California dream that I’ve been living. Say you’ll come and leave New York City. It’s just a state of mind. We’ll leave it all behind. We walk around all we hear is the sound of our lonely heart beats and when we dance all we feel is the beat of these lonely cities.”

From the depths of down under, this Sydney family has got me feeling high on cloud nine. Tigertown is comprised of Chris Collins (guitar), his siblings Elodie (bass) and Alexi (keys), and his wifey Charlie (lead vocals/synth). They have had an impressive amount of dedicated followers after making their mark at SXSW in 2015. As this year progresses, Tigertown has come out with a couple of songs from their upcoming EP, with “Lonely Cities” being their second sneak peek of the EP.

As the song begins, I heard a familiar sound in Charlie’s voice. Immediately, the thought of Grimes jumped into my mind, and I’m slightly in love with everything about Grimes. As the song continues to play, her voice started to remind me of Canadian singer Lights. In my mind I thought “So far, SO GOOD!” Tommy English, who is a major collaborator with the great Garrett Borns (aka BØRNS) is behind their EP production. It’s no wonder I recognized that playful BØRNS-esque style. It was indeed a triple threat in the best way.

With lyrics such as “You and me are further than we should be. Let’s escape from the lonely cities. You and me are further than we should be. Break away from the lonely cities” send listeners the message of a carefree,long-distance love. “Lonely Cities” is an instant, feel-good track that everyone can enjoy. The track is light, upbeat, and makes you feel as if summer has been brought to you in this weird winter. At first, the track is something you can easily sway to and snap along with; however, it then turns into a head banging, whole-body-jumping experience that you can imagine yourself doing at a summer festival with a sea of strangers. The guitar riffs are memorable, clean, and faded, while the chanting chorus makes it an instant anthem for indie pop lovers all over the world. The quad has gained popularity internationally, and I am not surprised to hear why. They are a fun and charming family band.

This year, you can find Tigertown on tour with another personal favorite, St. Lucia. Check them out live if they happen to be in your lonely city. While their EP is scheduled for release on February 5, you can go ahead and flood their SoundCloud with love! Get your daily dose of repeats on “Lonely Cities” and their other released track “Bullet From The Gun” there.